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Close Control systems for data centers and technology areas

Close Control systems for data centers and technology areas

CMC Group operates in a highly skilled industry like technology air conditioning with its Clima Processor brand.
We especially handle air conditioning units for CED rooms (Close Control).

Air Conditioning Industry


Clima Processor: precision air conditioning.

The typical application of Clima Processor close control systems is maintaining the necessary environmental conditions for the proper operation of technological machinery. For their proper operation, stable operating temperatures must be maintained, especially under intense use conditions and significant seasonal climate variations.

Technology areas

  • Computer rooms and data centers
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Electrical switching rooms
  • Weather stations
  • Medical analysis laboratories
  • CAT and MRI rooms

Stable temperature and humidity

Clima Processor units are designed to ensure the dissipation of environmental heat without changing the relative humidity.

Optimized space

Clima Processor solutions are designed to occupy the least amount of space possible. Precision cooling units reduce the cost resulting from the use of space.

Easy access for inspections and maintenance

The careful study of the Clima Processor system design allows total frontal inspection in order to make maintenance operations quicker and more efficient.

Noise and energy consumption reduction

Noise and energy consumption are determining factors in the overall evaluation of the performance of a technological location or data center.

Air distribution flow direction

The Clima Processor series allows the air to be distributed up or down. The DC Rack Cooler model is also available for direct rack cooling. Complete range of accessories and functions A wide range of accessories and construction variations allows for flexibility in use.

The modules can be independently inserted in any type of area, wisely optimizing space.

3 depths are available in various widths

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